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Effective Package Design

Whether you have a clear package design in mind, or no idea how you would like your packaging to look, we can help. Our team in Isfield, Uckfield, develops new designs and works with preformed designs.

Designer - Package Design

Commissioned Designs

Customers regularly come to us having already commissioned a designer to create the look for their packaging. We are able to take this design, and adapt it to fit the finished product, before finally printing it at the production stage.


Designers are not always familiar with creating drafts for packaging, and their blueprints are often unsuitable. Our design team has the required expertise and experience to offer clients suggestions in how the design can be modified to suitably fit the product. Not only does this make the production process smoother, it can also result in a reduction in production costs.

Original Designs

Clients who do not have current design experience are still able to produce eye-catching and appealing packaging with the help of our designers. Working from scratch on theme colour boards, we create high-quality, attractive designs.

Contact us now to discuss any potential package design you have in mind.